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International Urban Farming Conference

Die von der GÜNEN LIGA Berlin (u.a. in Kooperation mit dem FDCL) veranstaltete Konferenz präsentiert die Vielfalt internationaler urbaner Landwirtschaft. Die Gründe für deren Renaissance sind so vielfältig wie die Bewegung selbst. In Städten weltweit wird auf Dächern, Brachflächen, Hochbeeten, in Containern oder Säcken, an Wänden, auf privaten und öffentlichen Flächen, auf Erde oder Nährstofflösung … weiterlesen

Mo, 03.07.2017
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Mexico and European civil society concerns and proposals about “modernisation” of the EU-Mexico global agreement

The EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (which is part of the Global Agreement) entered into force 17 years ago. The existing free trade agreement allowed the EU to get 95% of goods and services liberalisation. Yet, the EU has deemed this treaty “outdated”. The “modernised” EU-Mexico agreement aims to reach the same level of liberalisation as in the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA). Because tariffs between Mexico and the European Union are already low, the proposed agreement would focus on deepening services liberalisation, regulatory issues, investors’ rights, government procurement and state enterprises, intellectual property rights and non-tariff trade barriers. It will include chapters on investment protection (including investor-state dispute settlement), regulatory cooperation, and intellectual property rights, among others.

Do, 15.06.2017
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Introducing the Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) Session on the Violations with Impunity of the Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples

Save the Date: Launch PPT in Barcelona on July 7-8, 2017 Important Request for Sign-On to the Call Before the launching of the tribunal and it is very important that the Call is widely endorsed. We aim to gather many endorsements which will also be submitted to the PPT. Your endorsement of the Call will … weiterlesen

Di, 16.05.2017
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Strong call by Treaty Alliance as UN process enters new phase

We call States to participate actively in upcoming negotiations of the international treaty to ensure protection of human rights from the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises Sign the Statement Here http://www.treatymovement.com/statement This statement is also available in Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa, Hindi, German and Italian. We welcome the two successful … weiterlesen

Mi, 11.01.2017
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CALL TO ACTION! Let’s put a stop to the WTO’s agenda and to Free Trade Agreements and investment provisions!

AUFRUF ZUR AKTION! Stoppen wir die Agenda der Welthandelsorganisation und der Freihandels- und Investitionsabkommen! Bauen wir Handelsbeziehungen, die den Menschen und der Umwelt dienen! 2017 wiederholen wir den Erfolg von Seattle in Buenos Aires! Deutsche Version Aufruf zur Aktion gegen WHO Konferenz Dezember 2017 LLAMADO A LA ACCION! ¡Frenemos la agenda de la Organización Mundial … weiterlesen

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Landscaping a Biofuture in Latin America

Over the course of the last decade, references to a bioeconomy have steadily grown in relevance, ranging from institutional discourses involving international actors and agencies to the formulation of national strategies and securing its role in wider agendas, such as the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global climate change policy.

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Thomas Fatheuer

Disputed Nature

Biodiversity and its Convention

Biodiversity loss is the most important global threat, not climate change. At least, that is what researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre say. The planetary boundaries model they have developed is currently the most popular systematisation of global processes.

The findings on biodiversity are indeed shocking: species are vanishing at such high speed that researchers are talking in terms of a sixth major mass extinction happening within human history. Except that this time it will not be caused by a geological disaster, but by human beings, our production and consumption patterns and our modes of living. The consequences of this process are completely uncertain. What is clear is that they affect the fundamentals of life on the planet: abundant diversity is the foundation of evolution and the secret of its success. The “rivet hypothesis” illustrates this principle: we are acting like someone who enjoys popping the small rivets out of an aircraft, convinced that it can stay airborne without them – but at some point, the fun will end badly.

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Brot für die Welt
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Natur im Dienst von Klimapolitik und Bioökonomie?

Die Biodiversitätskonvention und die Zukunft der Nutzung von Land und biologischer Vielfalt

Vom 4. bis 17. Dezember 2016 findet in Cancún, Mexiko, die 13. Vertragsstaatenkonferenz der UN-Konvention über Biologischen Vielfalt (Convention on Biological Diversity – CBD COP 13) statt.

Do, 03.11.2016
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Conclusions of the Global Campaign on the UNHRC 2nd Session of OEIGWG

Conclusions of the Global Campaign on the UNHRC 2nd Session of the “Open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights” (OEIGWG) concluding on 28th October 2016 PRESS RELEASE from Dismantle Corporate Power, Geneva, 28 October 2016 In the context of the Second Session of the Open Ended … weiterlesen

Mo, 13.06.2016
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FDCL unterzeichnet offenen Brief an niederländische Ratspräsidentschaft: we need effective law on conflict minerals

http://www.euractiv.com/section/development-policy/opinion/mon-dear-dutch-presidency-we-need-effective-law-on-conflict-minerals/ In an open letter to the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the 28 member states, some 126 NGOs call for tighter regulation of conflict minerals, including Amnesty International and Global Witness. Global Witness, Amnesty International and another 124 NGOs have signed the open letter below – please see the … weiterlesen