What we want

The FDCL is united by the conviction that the North and South must work together to bring about political changes that eradicate structural injustices in the North-South relationship. This joint effort is about the respect for human rights and the struggle to ensure autonomous, democratically controlled access to key resources. For this reason our work regarding Latin America has to be constantly reflected critically in the context of existing structures and power relations in Germany and throughout the world.

Through its work, the FDCL aims to inform and raise awareness here in Germany about its specialist areas. By pointing out concrete alternatives for action, we seek to encourage individual action and public pressure demanding the implementation of human-rights-based and developmentally coherent policies in the “North”. Only in this way changes can be made that will open up the way to a more equitable and just development worldwide.

The FDCL considers itself a public forum for emancipatory, progressive voices from Latin America and the Caribbean. Learning more about the current situation in Latin America and opening our minds to perspectives from this region is a prerequisite for a joint reflection and debate in order to develop concrete steps towards alternatives to the dominant world (dis)order and a fairer distribution of global wealth.