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Dezember 2013

English, Landwirtschaft, Menschenrechte, Straflosigkeit
Paula Martínez Cortés

The Victims and Land Restitution Law in Colombia in context

An analysis of the contradictions between the agrarian model and compensation for the victims

Law 1448 passed in 2011, better known as the Victims and Land Restitution Law, has been promoted officially as a demonstration of ‘good will’ by the Juan Manuel Santos government in Colombia. The law represents a cog in the transitional policy aimed at facilitating steps towards a post-conflict scenario. However, the law’s main objective is … weiterlesen


November 2013

English, Landnahme

Land Grabbing in Latin America

Since the end of the 1970s, agriculture has been considered an entirely unattractive business. Overproduction and low agricultural prices promised merely modest returns that could not compete with boom sectors such as the new economy or the financial sector. Only when food prices exploded in 2007/2008, sparking food riots in numerous countries and catapulting the … weiterlesen


Mai 2013

English, Handel, Landwirtschaft
Policy paper

Alternatives to Food Import Dependency

Introduction: The number of proposals, strategies and initiatives how to improve food security and agricultural production have become vast and hard to follow up. Suspiciously, one aspect is missing in these debates, or if it comes up, it is rejected outright by most proponents: Could import restrictions help to stimulate agricultural production and benefit small-scale … weiterlesen


April 2013

English, Handel, Klima/Biodiversität, Landnahme, Landwirtschaft
Carbon Trade Watch

Protecting carbon to destroy forests

Land enclosures and REDD+

Introduction: Why is the REDD+ discussion important? The need to halt the alarming rates of deforestation and forest degradation is without hesitation of high importance. Forests destruction displaces forest dependant peoples, often destroying their livelihoods and violating human rights. Moreover, even though the majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from the burning of fossil … weiterlesen


Januar 2013

English, Landnahme, Landwirtschaft
Thomas Fritz

Bread or Trough

Animal Feed, Competition for Land and Food Security

Introduction While the phenomenon of land grabbing has led to a wider public debate, essential drivers of this trend still remain comparatively underexposed. This is particularly true for land-use changes caused by the growing demand for animalbased products and the associated cultivation of animal feed. The high consumption of animal feed is a result of … weiterlesen