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April 2014

English, Handel, Landwirtschaft
Policy paper
Thomas Fritz

Putting food security before trade

The WTO and the conflict over food reserves

Introduction The last ministerial conference of the WTO, held in Bali/Indonesia in December 2013, had been overshadowed by a controversy over food security between a group of 33 developing countries (G33) and industrialized countries. The G33 sought changes to the WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture removing some of the constraints on the implementation of food reserves, … weiterlesen


Februar 2014

English, Landwirtschaft
Enrique Castañón Ballivián

Two Sides of the Same Coin:

Agriculture and Food Security in Bolivia

During the last decades, Bolivia has experienced significant economic and social progress. An important economic growth coupled with social inclusion of historically marginalised groups have translated into better days for Bolivian society. As expected, however, many challenges remain. One of the pending tasks is to enhance the population’s nutritional levels as well as to reduce … weiterlesen


Januar 2014

English, Landnahme, Landwirtschaft
Policy paper
Thomas Fritz

The illusory promise of the livestock revolution

Meatification of diets, industrial animal farms and global food security

The recent worsening of the global food crisis, which had been sparked by sharply rising and extremely volatile food prices in 2007-2008, triggered a heated debate about its potential drivers. Among the factors singled out commodity speculation and the growing diversion of crops to biofuels ranked high on the list of suspected culprits. Yet, the … weiterlesen