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Dezember 2017

English, Menschenrechte
Adriana Yee Meyberg

The Arduous Road to the Promised Land

Implementation Issues in the Land Restitution Policy in Colombia

Colombia is a land of contrasts. It has been marked by a history of violence since the early days of the colony. Social and cultural hierarchies led to a very unequal distribution of wealth, mainly of wealth in the form of land. The concentration of vast extensions of the territory in a few hands meant the large majority of local communities lived in poverty, conditions that have become extreme over time. Civil unrest did not take long to appear and a bitter armed conflict began to shape the current history of the country with blood. The forced displacement as a result of land grabbing for economic reasons, to control territory or build up private wealth has turned Colombia into one of the most unequal countries in the world and the one with the second highest number of internally displaced people.


September 2017

English, EU - Mexiko, Handel, Konzernkritik, Menschenrechte
Thomas Fritz

Human Rights on the Sidelines

The renegotiation of the EU trade agreement with Mexico

*** deutsche Zusammenfassung und Studie *** Resumen en español y estudio completo *** Berlin/Aachen 2017 Executive Summary On the occasion of their bilateral summit held in June 2015, the European Union (EU) and Mexico agreed to renegotiate the Global Agreement in force since 2000. The main pillar of this bilateral treaty is a free trade … weiterlesen