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September 2018

English, EU-Kolumbien/Peru, Handel, Handelsabkommen
Myriam Vander Stichele, SOMO

Trade and Investment in Financial Services and Free Capital Movement: The Effects on Money Laundering and Tax Avoidance

Assessing some of the trade related aspects five years after the free trade agreement between the EU and Colombia and Peru

At the time of ratification of the FTA by the European Parliament, in December 2012, a research report warned about the risks from particular aspects in the trade agreement, namely increased money laundering and tax avoidance, due to FTA provisions such as free movement of capital and liberalisation of financial services. A comprehensive research report on the inclusion of financial services in EU free trade and association agreements by the ex-post impact assessment unit of the European Parliament, confirmed those risks.


Mai 2018

English, EU-Kolumbien/Peru
Daniel Hawkins with Laura Valderrama, Escuela Nacional Sindical (ENS)

The Precarious state of labour rights in Colombia

Resolution 2628 of the European Parliament

*** deutsche Übersetzung der Einleitung und Zusammenfassung *** The Resolution 2628 of the European Parliament, signed on the 13th of June 2012 and popularly called the Road Map of the FTA between Colombia-Peru-Ecuador and the European Union (EU), can be understood as reinforcing and broadening the scope of the 2011 Obama-Santos Labour Action Plan (LAP). … weiterlesen


Februar 2018

Agroenergie, English, Klima/Biodiversität, Landnahme, Landwirtschaft, Rohstoffe
Policy paper
Thomas Fatheuer

The bioeconomy controversy

Considering the bioeconomy from a development policy perspective

As it stands, bioeconomy concepts rarely feature in public debate. Yet the relevant stakeholders are investing a lot of energy in developing their bioeconomy strategies and, at least as a research strategy, the bioeconomy is in full swing. Great hopes evidently rest on the bioeconomy and the concept is beginning to influence key policy fields.