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Portrait(s) of a Revolutionary

Maria Auxiliadora Lara Barcelos

Portrait(s) of a Revolutionary. Maria Auxiliadora Lara Barcelos
Brazil/USA 2015, 24 min, OmenglUT, R: Lanna Leite
The protagonist of this film is unable to tell her own story because on June 1st of 1976 she took her own life. The filmmaker never met her personally but has spent the last two years following footsteps taken over 30 years ago. The people that knew her, loved her and/or simply crossed paths with her can only offer glimpses of memory. This film is not an objective reality of a life lived but rather a reflection on how these narratives have become intertwined. The backdrop of this piece spans over a few decades and geographical locations: the military take over of the Brazilian Government in 1964, the underground movements that would follow, political refuge in Allende’s Chile in 1971-1973, life in exile in West Berlin in the 70s and then all throughout present day Brazil, US, Paris and Germany. There are missing pieces and more questions than answers as this is a complex story of a movement and of a woman that was an integral part of it;

This story is still being crafted into a film, but its fragments are ready for an audience. The filmmaker Lanna Leite will be present.

5.6.2015, 19:30, location: FDCL, Gneisenaustr.2A, 10961 Berlin.


More about Maria Auxiliadora Lara Barcelos (in german): „Putsch, Folter, Flucht – und dann Schikane. In den 1970er Jahren flüchteten Brasilianer_innen auch in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Hier trafen sie auf Behördenschikane – aber auch auf Solidarität“, in: Lateinamerika Nachrichten, Nummer 478 – April 2014.