As the european elections are approaching, the Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance is getting ready to ask the MEPs to pledge in support of its proposals. Why should they do so ?

We asked to several activists and Members of the European Parliament to share the reasons of their support to the ATM Campaign.
Here are their arguments, in video (click on the name to access the video).

– By Joao Camargo, an anti-troika and anti-precarious labor activist in Portugal. According to Joao, “We need a u-turn in European policies, and we need to know that there are other ways”.

– From Charles Santiago, member of the Parliament in Malaysia, from the Democratic Action Party. According to Charles, the Alternative Trade Mandate helps to promote people’s interests, the interests of workers, of farmers and the interest of the society.

– From Bruno Ciccaglione, trade justice campaigner and trade unionist based in Austria. Bruno explains that “the key issue is to bring back trade policies into democratic control”.

– By Paul Murphy, irish member of the European Parliament, from the GUE-NGL grouping. According to Paul, “EU trade policy is a crucial weapon in undermining people’s interests, people’s rights and environmental interests”.
– From Ska Keller, german member of the European Parliament, from the Greens. As MEP, Ska stresses that “The Alternative Trade Mandate is a great tool given into the hands of the MEPs because it shows how an alternative trade policy should look like”.

The ATM Alliance gathers around 60 groups, movements, organizations based all over Europe, which promote an alternative conception of what the EU trade and investment policies should be. The ATM Alliance will challenge the candidates to the European Parliament from March to May 2014, and ask them to pledge in support of these Alternative Trade Mandate.
Read the full version of the Alternative Trade Mandate in English, in Spanish, in French and in Dutch.

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